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Public relationS + PUblicity

strategic partnerships

We have built longstanding relationships with many of the leading lights in entertainment, sports, hospitality and technology.  We know exactly who to target to meet your business goals.

With 20+ years in the public relations field, we understand the importance of establishing the goodwill of a brand, both internally and externally.


At KM, we specialize in relationships.  Effective relationships warrant mutual understanding.


We work with clients to identify and craft compelling stories and get those stories in front of the right media. We use these same stories to partner you with like-minded brands locally and/or globally to elevate your story.

social Media management

video production

Marketing campaigns run on content, especially video. With our direction, our hand-picked crew of contract videographers can deliver compelling stories that attract and inspire your customer base.

We have deep expertise in building online fan bases for a variety of brands—from music festivals and restaurants, to retail stores and non-profit organizations. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat each have unique platforms, and we use them all to build audiences, interact with customers, increase visibility, develop contests, leverage brand advocates and ignite conversions.

brand development & graphic design

Kaleidoscope Media will meet you where your brand’s needs are – whether you are creating a brand from scratch, looking to brush off the dust and reinvigorate, or planning a total re-brand. We partner with you to determine your needs, and then conceptualize a plan of action that honors your budget and timeline.

website design & management

Kaleidoscope Media can build, manage, and host the most important aspect of your online presence, your website.  We marry design and functionality to give your brand the site that it needs to best represent itself to the world. Our goal is to create a site that is an experience, not just a page.

marketing strategy

Our goal is to help you reach your target audience in a strategic and effective way. With this in mind, we manage marketing plans according to your needs and priorities, working with you to carefully craft key messaging and tactics tailored for your audience and influencers. 

crisis communication

In times of turmoil, we know how to control the conversation, preserve your brand’s reputation and help you sleep better at night.

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