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Case Studies

In 2003 local restaurant pioneer, Tom Morales, along with a couple of silent investors, purchased Nashville’s iconic Loveless Cafe and closed it for a revamp. In need of a full re-brand, Morales called Kaleidoscope Media founder Angie Gore to help with the branding strategy and to put the establishment on the national map. Gore did just that and more. She took biscuit queen Carol Fay out of the kitchen and put her front and center with national media outlets such as The Today Show, Conan O’Brien, Paula Deen and a cover story with USA TODAY.  


Along the way, Gore created several high profile partnerships including Martha White Flour and Purity Ice Cream. She also negotiated a book deal, which eventually became a best-seller, and ultimately landed the brand on QVC.


Gore’s highlight during this time?  Showing Carol Fay the ocean for the first time in Malibu, California before she danced on stage with Ellen Degeneres.


Kaleidoscope has launched several other projects with Morales since then including, Music City Roots, The Loveless Barn, Nashville Dancin’ and The Southern.

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