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“Do what you say you are going to do.”

Widely hailed as an eclectic and effective hub of expertise, Angie Gore prides herself on the moments where she and her clients have created something wonderful where once there was nothing.


One needs only to follow her around Kaleidoscope’s new offices to see the plaques, posters and thank you notes, from landmark institutions and events both old and new, to understand her breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm. From brands “with potential” to A-list clients of magnificent proportion, Angie also has an enthusiastic lover of the underdog—relishing the opportunity to help new clients flourish or long-time clients find and execute a new idea.


With a career that has touched on a wide range of fields coupled with an invigorated focus on work that matters, Angie serves as the visionary leader for Kaleidoscope’s team—scouting projects, guiding strategy, and blazing a trail to new and exciting endeavors.


Her multifarious array of contacts matches her own expansive career and worldview, which she brings to the projects of every Kaleidoscope client. To help those clients bring their projects to reality, she has assembled a team of experts from a variety of backgrounds to help guide the process.

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